Strawberries Charm Cusco

A beautiful day has begun and the sun’s rays illuminate the city of Cusco. It reflects on the many fruits of different colors and flavors in our stores and markets.

This morning I went to the market to see if there was anything new. After walking by a few fruit stands one of them stopped me in my path. The casera, the vendor, invited me to try one particular fruit. With an elegant gesture she handed me a small strawberry. I accepted it and as I lifted it towards my moth perceived an intense scent, both sweet and simple. It sweetened my day.

I ended up buying some of that delightful fruit from the casera who gave mu such a good experience.

The strawberries have a red color and the shape of a pear though they are much smaller. They have small and thin point throughout the fruit and green leaves attached to them.

That tempting color and incomparable flavor cause people to make many delights from it. They enjoy its juice, in yoghurt, jello, drinks, and in deserts as well as in a simple fruit salad.

There is nothing like fresh strawberry juice in the mornings. Some drink it pure while others prefer to add milk to it. As if that were not enough, old and young alike love strawberry yoghurt. It is simply one of the favorites. People eat it at any time during the day and it is ideal to put in a child’s lunch box.

Furthermore, strawberry is a lead actor in desserts. People use it to decorate cakes. They place it on them and its incomparable gleam tempts and opens everyone’s appetite.

Frutillada a Cusco's Traditional Drink
Frutillada a Cusco’s Traditional Drink

It is also used to make frutillada, Cusco’s wonderful and typical strawberry chicha. A strawberry at the bottom of your glass is the reward awaiting all. Those serving it up add just one strawberry to each glass, although the chicha itself contains blended strawberries. As a result, you finish your glass and gain an additional burst of flavor from the berry awaiting you.

Strawberries are sold in our markets and supermarkets by the kilo. They tend to cost around 6 or 7 soles each. If you want something delightful do not hesitate to try this fruit in any of its different presentations. You will not regret it.

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