Solution to The Problem of Visual Contamination in the Historical Center of Cusco

The city of Cusco, declared by Unesco as Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1983, is important and has a historical and cultural value. It is a city that preserves traces of the Inca and combines them with Spanish architecture, which makes it unique and incomparable.

It is unfortunate that our historic center has a very serious and dramatic problem. I am referring to the presence of cables of all kinds, which puts our historic Center at risk. It is enough to raise our eyes to realize that the airspace of our historic center and surrounding streets is invaded by a tangle of light and telecommunications cables, cables that are piled up in the walls and pots and that cross the streets in a disorderly manner.

This problem puts at risk not only the image of the historic center, but also local people and tourists who travel through these places, it should be noted that Cusco is a purely tourist city.

More than five years ago the Municipal Council of Cusco issued an ordinance by which a prudential period was granted to the companies of Electro South East and the Ex Telephone of Peru (now called Movistar) to remove the aerial wiring that visually contaminates the historical center and that obstruct colonial architecture and balconies, but unfortunately this ordinance was not fulfilled.

To the delight of all the Cusqueños and on the initiative of the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco, in coordination with the Provincial Municipality of Cusco, these companies that provide telephony services and electric power supply yesterday agreed to the withdrawal of the aerial wiring located in the portals of the Plaza de Armas of Cusco and in the surrounding streets. This project has several stages and in the first stage more than 5 tons of disused cables were removed that for a long time caused a negative visual impact to the buildings of the Center Historical and a risk to passers-by.

In a second stage, the withdrawal of cables from pirated connections will continue. It is currently being monitored to identify those responsible and thus sanction them according to law.

In the third stage, the companies plan to relocate the wiring, which will be merged with the walls to reduce the visual impact.

Acts like these fill us with joy and satisfaction, because our historic center has to be respected and taken care of since it is part of our history and our identity.

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