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Sharing Cuzco with Trevor

Two months ago I had the opportunity to meet Trevor. He was a very friendly guy who had come to Cuzco from the United States, the state of Ohio. We met in Maximo Nivel, a language school, through their Tandem program. That is one of the benefits of studying there. In it a student of English can practice their English with a native speaking foreigner while they get to practice the Spanish they are learning with you.

We worked together in Tandem for almost a month. Every day we would practice for an hour. Sometimes, though, we would stay much longer, learning things from one another and drinking cups of coffee.

Durning the time we spent together I got to ask him lots of things. My first question was what he thought about Cuzco’s gastronomy. He told me that he liked all the food he had tried. He said he had never had anything like Cuzco’s adobo. A pork soup with stewed meat in it made from chicha and seasoning. He thought it was magnificent to see pork meat almost submerged in a sea of red soup, accompanied by bread and a hot pepper. He thought the flavor was exquisite.

He also said he had tried some juices in the San Pedro Market. He thought they were really good and very economical in comparison with the restaurants that are in the monumental core of Cuzco.

He also told me about his first experience of trying a bowl of chilcano in the Rosaspata Market. He said the fish flavor of the soup was very special and it along with the spiciness of the dish fascinated him.

He said that he felt very happy to be in one of the seven wonders of the world. He loved being able to come to our city, even if only for a month, since his greatest desire for a long time had been to go to Machu Picchu. He did it. He also had a chance to spend a few days in the town of Paucartambo and see the sunrise from Tres Cruces, high above the jungle.

Trevor said that he was going back to his country very happy and excited to be able to share with his loved ones all the experiences he had during his visit to Cuzco.

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