Seven Flours for your Health

The seven flours are a combination of various flours. However, in reality it is not pre-established as to what they consist of. People call them seven flours because the combination that results is delicious and rich in nutrients.  It also has a wonderful consistency.

This product comes from various grains, cereal, and Andean legumes that are carefully selected, cooked, and then ground for sale. Many businesses offer products made on the base of the seven flours. In reality, however, many of them name different types of flours as the base, such as wheat flour, banana flour, rice flour, broad bean flour, etc.

This combination is widely mentioned in the time of beginning the school year. Many people give it quality and exalt the properties of each of its component flours, especially for breakfast.

In the markets, the various flours are sold. But there are more than just seven. How should you go about making a combination that is good and which has all the properties required.

To begin, it is useful to know which are the most consumed, for example the flour of broad beans is very popular and widely consumed by a broad section of Cusqueños. There is also wheat flour, which like the broad beans’ flour has a high degree of use.

A Packet of Sacha-Inchi
A Packet of Sacha-Inchi

Sacha inchi, which is also called Andean peanuts or the Incas peanuts is increasingly used in this set of flours.

A few days ago I had thick warm gruel in the morning that I bought from a street vendor. It was said to bebased on maca.  The lady who sold it said it contained a combination of thick flours. It looked wonderful.

I asked her what all it contained, without thinking about the answer I might get. She told me it was the seven flours. I was thinking she could just go buy the combination and make it up.

I was, as a result, surprised when she said she selected the grains and other ingredients, toasted them, and ground them into flours. I asked why she went to all that work and did not just buy them pre-made. She said that when you buy a commercial combination of seven flours you do not know the quantity or type of ingredients.

I asked her what the principle flours were that she used to obtain such a great consistency and flavor. She said fava bean flour, corn flour, quinua flour, kiwicha flour, wheat flour, and finally sacha inti flour.

Sach inchi, they say on in one of the articles on health, has 49% fat that the fruit has. Almost all of it is unsaturated fat and includes omega 3, 6, and 9 fats. These are fats that are excellent for your health.

Sacha Inchi Oil in San Pedro Market
Sacha Inchi Oil in San Pedro Market

The article also explained more about the qualities of sacha inchi. In truth it is very healthy and its consumption has no negative effects. It helps our body. Sacha inchi grows in the jungle, in places such as San Martin, Loredo, madre de Dios, and Ucayali.

It is very important, as a result, to know the combination of flours and how to prepare them and enjoy them. The majority of them can be found premade in our markets for you to combine as you wish. They also appear in some stores and there are also people who sell them in the streets.

You can choose the ones that you find, if you swish. If you consume the seven flours, it is recommendable that you read carefully the directions, if it is a commercial product, and ask as well what it contains. May we always be careful to eat healthfully and protect our bodies and our health.


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