Saqsayhuaman, A House of Learning

Saqsayhuaman, a ceremonial Inca fortress, is an very important archeological complex for Andeans. It is known as a house of learning and wisdom. Its Quechua name is defined in many books as “satisfied falcon”. Here people carried out ceremonies and sacred rites.

It is the major construction left us that the Incas carried out during the height of their glory, when they lived connected with nature and the cosmos.

In Saqsayhuaman every 24th of June, shortly after the winter solstice, the annual festival of Inti Raymi is carried out. It is a pageant which portrays the Inca cult to the sun god Inti. Dancers in colorful dress, will carry out typical dances.

But the site is more than mere background. It is amazing in and of itself with it enormous sculptured rocks and its constantly changing views. Just looking at it can transport you into an intense university class as you attempt to figure it and its meaning out.

In what follows we share with you a photo essay of the fortress of Saqsayhuaman.




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