Salute to Cusco during Its Feasts

In June, Cusco lives a great fusion of culture, tradition, and mystery.

Our Capital of Culture fills with color, flavor, and joy to the maximum. From the Plaza de Armas and throughout the monumental core people experience a great fiesta. There are dance troups, merchants, and pedestrians all mixed together in their different colors making this feast unique.

All of the public and private institutions of Cusco, including the municipalities, financial cajas, banks, neighborhoods, Glass of Milk Committees, and so many more render homage to our Cusco.

During the parade you will see dances from different regions, the carnival cusqueño, the cholo qorilazo, siqlla, the contra danza, sarje, and more. The colors of the costumes and the joy and energy of the dancers fill all the public with emotion.

Everything gives the sensation of fiesta. It is palpable. It awakens your hunger to try the food in the streets and gastronomic fairs. The food is offered from big aluminum pots wrapped in cloth to keep the food hot. The parade of looks begins in the plazas, the avenidas, and the street corners.

The scents of our traditional dishes,Turkish rice, lomo saltado, chicharrón, tallarín al horno, and more, makes you need to taste them. They easily captivate you.

A great multitude results when participants meet spectators. This makes the center of Cuzco right now a sea of people. The drums from the dances gives it a pulse of constant rhythm like a beating heart on this day which is the main feast of Cusco, followed by Inti Raymi tomorrow.

The main square, the Plaza de Armas, gives one a feeling of harmony as locals and people from all over celebrate together this day for our great city.

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