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Rue Cleans away Bad Energy and the Effects of Wind

Medical healing has great value healing in the Imperial City, since we have a great variety of medicinal plants and herbs. Our older people have much knowledge of natural medicine.

Some years ago, when technology wasn’t as developed as now, people healed all ills with just natural medicine. The main herbs that they used are still of value today. These include: yerba Buena (mint), fennel, aloe vera, red and white malva, rue.

Our grandparents tell us that in those days there were not as many illnesses. People did not get sick as easily, they say, since they only ate natural products that were given them by the mother earth. That is why they grew up healthy and strong. The older people continue with strength till today without many health problems.

Rue is a plant that has great importance for us. Though we could say this about all the other plants, it is particularly true for rue. This grey green plant with bright yellow flowers is known particularly for bringing good energy.

There are two kinds of rue with different functions. We call the one male and the other female.

The female rue is used to cleanse homes and businesses from bad luck and bad energy. People grab some stems of rue and they pass the plant through all the corners and along the edges of the building. The rue drives away bad energy, people say.

The Magic Rue Flower
The Magical Rue Flower

Before opening a business, the first thing they do is cleanse it. Then the lightly brush their merchandise with branches of rue. After rubbing the rue across all that they sell they take a large quantity of the plan and put the stems in a bucket with water. They place this in a place that is not visible to the clients. People say that it helps them sell more quickly and in greater quantity.

Male rue is used to prepare medicinal baths. It takes away all the bad energies that afflict the body. Both female and male rue is also used to take away what we call bad wind. When a person is afflicted with wind they heal themselves with male rue.

When someone is pale and maybe has a headache or feels dizzy we say that they are suffering from a blow of the wind. To heal them we take some stems of rue from the garden and brush them over the person’s face, head, and neck. Then people take the rue and burn it. It pops open causing a light whistle like the wind.

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