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Rice and Eggs Attract More and More People

Fast food and street food. Who does not like to enjoy these delicious foods. Well, many love them and I include myself. Anticuchos, hamburgers, salchipapas, pizzas and other dishes are everywhere in the city. Pleasant and tempting smells sprout from everywhere they are sold.

These foods are present in all kinds of events, parties and anniversaries. Because of their provocative flavor and high demand that the vast majority of people eat it from time to time. Without being aware of this, people unintentionally mention the dishes all the time.

A few days ago I went out, as usual, to walk around the monumental core of the city. I saw that many people choose to eat a hamburger or a pizza instead of a full lunch that includes soup and main course.

I went to the San Pedro market San Pedro to enjoy a natural, fresh blended juice and was impressed to see so many diners eating the same food. The people who kept arriving asked the owner of the stand, “with sausage, avocado, and banana. Please to fry more for me, caserita.” I was impressed the dish was ready to enjoy in less than five minutes.

It was surprised to watch any number of people eat rice with eggs, often called arroz a la cubana. People offer it along with a serving of sausage, avocado and banana. Only five soles.

This meal is also characterized as street food. And now that it come with more than rice and egg, it has become a favorite fast dish for both local and international people. If you are a lover of fast food or street food, and you are tired of the same thing, you will enjoy this.

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