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Raising Animals in Cusco

People who do not have a specific profession, in Cusco, find themselves working at many different things. They learn various tasks in order to advance and have a normal life. Many people are dedicated to the business of raising animals, what we call ganadería.

In Cusco and its provinces you will people who have worked in this craft for a long time. The people who practice it are mostly older and they prefer to live by the side of animals and feel great warmth for them.

They raise exclusively animals that we eat, such as hens, chickens, hogs, cows, sheep, and guinea pigs. Rarely does a single person have all of these animals at the same time, though most have some of them and others specialize in one type of animal.

The people who raise cattle and sheep tend to leave home every day to take them to pasture. With their typical hats and simple clothes they walk to various places in the mountains seeking sites with enough pasturage for their livestock. When they find the right place they let their animals loose to enjoy the vegetation while they look for a place to sit and calmly watch them as well as keep an eye on the surroundings.

In contrast, hens and chickens are raised in cages. Their owners have the responsibility of giving them food at the right times. They also must be careful to keep their cages clean. The same is done with guinea pigs and hogs.

Whenever the owners have a celebration at their homes for some special event, they opt to sacrifice of their best animals in order to enjoy their flavor in special preparations together with their family.

People who work in this business carry out their work with few problems and with much joy and happiness sell their animals so that people in Cusco can make their distinct.

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