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Purple and Sweet Picarones for October

Peru has entered into the month of Purple, October Part of that month is that we consume wonderful sweets of the season. Among these are the “picaros picarones”, the doughnut like fired dough rings that sweeten peoples taste buds and attitudes in our city,

This delicious desert is made from wheat flour with the addition of one of two different ingredients, squash or sweet potato. When they are served flavored syrup is poured over them.

Every afternoon, in Cuzco, from around four or five pm fresh picarones are made for sale in various streets. There are women who make and sell this fragrant and delicious treat on corners of main avenues, and others sell from stands and even small restaurants dedicated to picarones.

This desert is much loved and much consumed by the people of Cusco. As the years go by more people have learned to make them and have opened businesses selling them to the public.

Every time events happen in our city, whether fiestas or festivals, sweet and tasty picarones can always be found there. It has become a fasts food treat found everywhere.

The vendors who make and sell picarones are dressed in white. They wear an apron and a cap in that color. Their clothes make them stand out. If you see a woman dressed in white you know that there you can find fresh picarones.

In this month celebrating purple, in honor of the Lord of Miracles, Peru’s Holy Patron, picarones are eaten as part of the celebration and the Lord’s procession. You will see large numbers of people on those occasions and the vendors sell full time to meet their demand.

Would you like to try some? You will love them. On the corner of Ruinas Street with Tullumayo a woman who is very well recognized opened a picaron shop. Her name is Elvira. She has been making picarones for many years. She is also well known for her wonderful and home-made chicha morada to help the sweet picarones go down with a touch of fruit flavor. All of this, a plate of picarones and a chicha will not cost you very much. If you are in Cuzco do not hesitate to drop by around four or five and you will be glad you did.

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