Presents at Midnight, Kids’ Delight

Christmas , Chocolate and Gifts (Luis Alejando Olivera Echegaray)

Christmas , Chocolate and Gifts (Luis Alejando Olivera Echegaray)

Christmas is so much in the air we breathe it now. Hot chocolate with milk and the soft sweet breads, panetones, sweeten this magical day. Boys and girls anxiously awaited midnight to receive their gifts. Their eyes shone with great enthusiasm while a smile brightened their face. They kept looking at the clock and then counted the minutes until, finally, midnight arrived and they were given their gifts that they had looked forward to getting all year long.

Christmas Eve, all day, the commercial centers and the streets were filled with cars and people. Traffic was abundant and boring. Everyone went to buy what they needed in order to enjoy a beautiful Christmas. Parents were especially dedicated to finding the right gifts in order to make their children happy.

It took a long time for the parents to be able to buy the gifts they wanted since all the aisles of stores and the mall were filled with people. It was just not easy to walk down them. That is why some people know what they want in advance and do their shopping before Christmas Eve when everything seems a chaos.

Toys are what are had the greatest demand for this feast. The majority of kids wanted a remote control car, dolls, stuffed animals, or other toys to give them healthy fun. Of course many others wanted technology, such as tablets. Those are what kids eight and up wanted. They wanted to have that device as a Christmas gift.

A Father and His Child During Christmas (Yimpol Coraza Morveli)
A Father and His Child During Christmas (Yimpol Coraza Morveli)

At midnight, the fireworks announced it was Christmas. It was time to give the gifts to the children and others. The kids quickly opened them and with great joy thank their parents with a warm embrace.

Christmas is for children. Of that there is no doubt. It is also for being together as a family and sharing. For that reason the large companies of the city put together chocolatadas, where they handed out cups of hot chocolate and gifts to poor children. Children arrive in Cusco from even distant communities alogn with their parents to participate in the chocolatadas which businesses and private individuals organize with so much warmth and concern. They want to give our humble people ar least a smile so that they carry away a beautiful memory of Christmas.

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