Presence of Rural Communities in Our Christmas Holidays

Every year the city of Cusco dresses up with the presence of the inhabitants of la High Andean communities. On Christmas Eve they come from their places of origin bringing a great variety of native plants and herbs. These grow at more than 4,000 meters high. Within these we can mention: natural berries, Ichu ( stiff wild grass), bromeliads, mosses, ferns, salvagina, etc.

They collect these herbs with great effort and several days in advance of December 24th, which is the day when everyone finishes arranging their manger scenes. For the sale of these herbs, complete families come down to the city and offer them in different squares that are pre-authorized by the Municipality of Cusco.

The sale of natural herbs is a very strong custom that is carried out every year and Cusco is the only department where this tradition is carried out with natural, native plants that give Christmas a living and original value.

Many families of good heart are organized to offer chocolate, panettones, biscuits, toys or clothes to the children who sell these herbs and many times it is the first time they visit our city. This is a sharing and this is Christmas.

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