Peru’s Hot Peppers Bring Magic and Mystery to Cooking

Peru is a land of chili peppers. Everywhere you go, you will see a rich variety of peppers with amazing colors, great flavors and different shapes. Chili, or ají as we call it, is the soul of Peruvian cuisine and a major reason why Peruvian food is conquering the world.

All over people talk about Peruvian food these days. It is a topic of conversation everywhere.

If you wonder what are the most popular dishes of Perú. the first one is the great ceviche. While very fresh fish and Peruvian lime make important contributions, they are paired with northern Peru’s very hot yet flavorful ají limo to make a combination that zings.

its particular spicy flavor makes ceviche a dish which represents this country.

As we know chili peppers play an important role in many Peruvian recipes. Ajíes are the secret ingredient to cook the great dishes of Perú.

The chili with its unusual depth of flavor brings the dish a harmony and feel the real flavor of the Peru. It is a hot and spicy gift from the Incas. In our Quechua language we know it as ¨uchu¨. The Incas used peppers to seasoned their special dishes.

We have different peppers in different parts of Peru, although you can find many of them in most public markets. Some of them are found everywhere.

Peruvian chile is known for its heat, to be true. They generally, with a few exceptions, put most Mexican chiles to shame in their spiciness. But they are also known for their perfume and for their fruity flavor, each different.

Because of their qualities of flavor, more than their heat, they form an entire palate of qualities from which a Peruvian chef can choose to create his amazing dishes.

Here we share you some pictures of the most common varieties chili pepper in the Andes.

Some Varieties of Hot Peppers ( Ají Amarillo, Rocotos, Ají Limo, Ojo de Pescado, Ají panca) (Photo: Wayra)
Some Varieties of Hot Peppers ( Ají Amarillo, Rocotos, Ají Limo, Ojo de Pescado, Ají panca) (Photo: Wayra)

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