Peru Rail Workers Suffer Mistreatment and Abuse

A few days ago , SITRAFER – Union of Railway Workers of PeruRail, during a cold night in the main square of Cusco, made a vigil against the mistreatment of their labor rights and the non-recognition of their claims. They went out to make known their problematic so that the town of Cusco finds out.

Watch the video here.

Enough of the mistreatment of this Chilean company. It is really outrageous that after so many years it does not have the capacity to overcome this problem: first the abuse towards its workers and second the mistreatment to the local tourists who year after year suffer the bad services that this railway company offers.

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The company, PeruRail, is responsible for the transfer of tourists and citizens from the city of Ollantaytambo to the district of Machu Picchu Village of the province of Urubamba – Cusco. As we can see, the owners of the company never face up to this problem.

What is happening with PeruRail, is a really regrettable situation as our brothers from Cusco, residents of Aguas Calientes, and local tourists day after day suffer extreme abuse by this foreign company that shows little concern for the people of Cusco.

How long will this abuse and discrimination be allowed. There are no rules, laws or good government to stop this abusive treatment. We are waiting, gentlemen, for you to start the buses. Do something. In Machu Picchu not everything is profit. Enough of so much abuse.

Down with the abuses of PeruRail

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