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Peru Present in Today’s Superbowl

Peru will be there today as, all over the United States people gather to watch the Seahawks and Patriots battle in the Superbowl, the pinnacle of American football. Though many people in the Andean country will enjoy the match via cable, its presence will be in an HEB supermarket commercial.

The food giant seizes this time when numbers of viewers are at a maximum to sell its product to viewers.  In this case an American dressed in a red poncho, after crossing the world looking for unusual food products, trudges into the highlands of a place named Peru and asks a bearded campesino (though beards are rare on true Peruvian campesinos) where to find hot peppers.

Though the campesino vaguely reminds one of Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid franchise, instead of telling the American to perform some obscure exercise, he points in a direction where the Texan can find his spice.

Peru has been working with HEB for some time to promote is agricultural products which include its hot peppers.  Peru is now one of the important producers of chile peppers, besides its indigenous ajies.  It is a grower of jalapeños and tabasco peppers among others.

This commercial marks a coming out of Peru into the American food market in hopes that the brand Peru will soon be a commonplace.  Perhaps the bearded man and his llama will become like Juan Valdez and his burro in the American imagination, at least that is the hope of Peruvian government planners while HEB wants to channel the exotic into demand for its products.

Here is the HEB commercial:

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