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Peru is The World’s Leading Blueberry Exporter

Blueberry exports in Peru grew by 35% in the 2020-2021 campaign, it is now estimated that the volume of organic blueberry exports during the 2021-2022 campaign would be double that achieved, according to the general manager of the association of blueberry producers, Luis Miguel Vegas.

Peru continues to take advantage of the strong global demand for healthy foods, during this campaign, the main destinations for Peruvian blueberries were the United States with 80 million kilos, the Netherlands with 40 million kilos, the United Kingdom with 10 million, China with 9.2 million and Hong Kong with 5.8 million.

For this campaign, the main exporting companies are Camposol, Hortifrut Peru, Hortifrut TAL SAC, Agrovision Peru and Complejo Agroindustrial Beta. It is seen that in this campaign the volume is doubling and shipments grow, it is estimated that total shipments of blueberries would add up to more than 200,000 tons, explained Luis Miguel Vegas. It is estimated that organic volumes will amount to 14,000 or 15,000 tons, that is, double that of last season (7,500 tons).

The Association of Exporters (ADEX) pointed out that good practices must continue to be promoted to achieve quality fruit and this season has projected growth of 220% for the export of organic blueberries. In this regard, the general manager of Preparados, indicated that the export items do not distinguish between organic and conventional blueberries, making it difficult to make a reliable record unless information is collected company by company.

The growth of these dark blue fruits has added 2,500 hectares of cultivation to the 13,000 already existing. The demand for these acidic and sweet fruits is on the rise as it becomes more known in the world for its antioxidant properties and its properties that also help fight diabetes. The blueberry harvest in Peru began in May and will conclude in March 2022, after having increased the season periods year by year, all of this for the benefit of agro-exporters who can now offer these fruits for 10 consecutive months. It is necessary to clarify that the largest volumes are harvested between the months of August to December of each year.

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