Peru is one of the qualifiers to the 2018 World Cup

It is already on everyone’s lips. Peru is one of the qualifiers to the 2018 World Cup. November 15 will be remembered as an important date where the 36-year losing streak of not getting a pass to the World Cup was broken.

More than 30 million Peruvians were waiting for the long 94 minutes of the game. The Peruvians watched the game at the national stadium in Peru, the different central squares throughout the country where screens were installed, and on their televisions to shout the classification of the Peruvian team.

We started with a good coordination and superior attack. We had some clear plays, like Luis Advincula’s shot in the upper left corner of the New Zealand arch, until in the 27th minute of the first half with a pass from Cueva, Jefferson Farfán defined a shog that was impossible for the New Zealand goalkeeper.

The whole country shouted the goal of Farfán, and he shouted on the court while he showed the shirt of his teammate Guerrero who could not be in the playoff, indicating that he is part of this great team. Farfán followed the first half with more shots to the New Zealand goal until the referee called the end of the first half.

In the second half, New Zealand started a more offensive game wanting to destabilize the Peruvian team, until a corner kick where Christian Ramos scored the second goql to give the victory to the Peruvian team that will now be at the 2018 World Cup.

All Peruvians had mixed feelings after suffering bitterness, but we never stopped supporting this team that represents our Peruvian pride.

Peru is one of the qualifiers to the 2018 World Cup
Peru is one of the qualifiers to the 2018 World Cup

We must not forget Ricardo Gareca technical director of the Peruvian team who, together with a great teamwork, directed and prepared the Peruvian team to reach this point, although he suffered through many regrets and went ahead with a single goal to take the Peruvian team to the world.

These are the names that will be engraved in the memory of the Peruvians: Gallese, Advíncula, Ramos, Rodríguez, Trauco, Polo, Tapia, Flores, Cueva, Farfán, Ruidíaz and how to forget the captain of the team, Paolo Gerrero team.

This joy is lived by all Peruvians in all corners of the world.

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