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People Demand Noni in Cuzco

Noni is a fruit that is becoming very well known because of its nutritional and health properties. It is about the same size s a potato, has a yelowish color that becomes white when the fruit is ripe.

It comes to us from Asia, Central America, and Oceania. Those are the places where None grows. Just s Peru exports its agricultural products, so too do they and their goods enter our diet.

In Cuzco you can find noni in various markets, such as the San Pedro market and the Vino Canchón. They have the fruit because they are major markets and do a wholesale business as well as retail. Our primary products arrive there and are then distributed to the other markets.

Besides the fruit, you can find noni in products such as nectars, juices, teas, etc. You need to process the fruit in order to consume it since its raw taste is unpleasant, though it has wonderful health benefits.

This fruit helps neutralize acidity. It stabilizes the funcitons of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, bladder, and the female reproductive system
Many of the market’s juice stands use noni because their clients ask for it. They like its health benefits and hope to eat healthfully.

In Cuzco we pay a lot of attention to the plants and fruit that you can consume alone or in teas and juices to bring ourselves good health and alleviate ill health. When you eat healthfully you live healthily.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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