Only Some People See Our Dawn

Dawn in Cuzco is amazing. To listen to the beautiful bird songs when they begin to announce the arrival of day is music for the ears. Of course, man’s best friend does not hold back. Our puppies and dogs also announce the arrival of dawn with their loud barks.

There are many people in Cuzco who see the dawn, even though it comes early, generally between five and six am, because they are already working. We can especially mention our caseras, market food vendors who delight us with their delicious dishes. In order to prepare the food they get up very early. They have to ready all their utensils, pack up, and travel to their work places, all very early.

Other people also see dawn because of their work: for example, taxi drivers. These persons, mostly men, spend the whole night giving service to people who need rides. You will also see the vendors of much enjoyed hamburgers on the Saphi street who also have to roll out their stands and fire them up to make the delights. They also get to see dawn along with all the street workers who work until dawn.

The Magic of the Mountains (Wayra)
The Magic of the Mountains (Wayra)

Besides all the others we have mentioned, there are always people who enjoy dawn, each day, but not because of work. I mean the athletes who get up early to run and everyone else who lives high in the mountains. There are many people who live high up. It does not compare with living in the city where there is much noise. In the mountains, everyone who likes to train or be in shape leave home a few hours before dawn to perform their exercise before they have to go to work. They run and climb up the slopes to enjoy the pure air. They especially enjoy the pure air and above all concentrate on the process of dawn in the paradise of those hours.

Since we continue in the rainy season it is even more incredible to observe the dawn. You often see drops falling from the sky, or maybe a huge hail storm,. You also hear tremendous thunder. It is all spectacular.

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