On Being From Cusco

What does it mean to be from Cuzco, to be a Cusqueño?

To be from Cuzco is to share lo nuestro, what is ours. It is to show our culture to the world. We are an example of real life for many thinkers.

As Cusqueños we are proud and happy for all the exquisite things that we have. Ours is a rich culture that breathes in each one of us. It is a feeling of unity that our grandparents left us for us to live and teach.

A Cusqueño Man Playing His Accordion
A Cusqueño Man Playing His Accordion

This is a good impression and image that we give to everyone who visits us. They often are enchanted and fall in love with how fascinating our Cuzco is. They also fall in love with our people who are known for their hospitality, warmth, and generosity. Even though their are many more things the most important is that we really know how to feel and give love.

That and much more are reasons why only you know what being a Cusqueño really means.


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