The Night of Lights and Sound in Video

The Days of Cusco continue. Today delegations of authorities and dancers are entering the Plaza de Armas from all the provinces of the region. People live enthusiasm and joy in this salute to the magnificent Cusco.

Last Saturday the Plaza de Armas was the site of another celebration, the Night of Lights and Sound. It was a great success as an homage during the fiestas del Cusco. The plaza was filled with music, sound, light and color, enough to enchant all present.

This year was different. The Cathedral and the Compañía were illuminated with light of many colors to the sounds of Andean music and Cusco rhythm. The event began at 7 pm and ended a bit earlier than most people expected, at 10 pm. Charged with energy, people went to the bars and discotheques of the city as well as to streets, parks and plazas close by to continue celebrating.

In the video that follows we will share with you what was experienced in this grand night.

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