New School Year, New Dreams

After some long vacations, although for many students they probably seemed short, students throughout Cuzco have begun again their studies. The first Monday in March is when the schools once again saw students walk to them to begin their new classes. In this new school year, every student begins a new grade. If they were in third year of secondary they now begin their fourth year. In this way they will learn new things.

On the first day of clases people have yet to settle into their routine. Not everyone, for example, will have on the right uniform. Some will be wearing T-shirts and pants in different colors. They will attend their first classes dressed however they wish. By the third week of March, however, you will see all the students dressed properly in their correct uniforms that stand for their much loved schools.

When school is in session all the microbuses, micros as we call them, are completely full. There are three hours of the day when you can hardly find any room on them. In the mornings from 6:30 on they circulate on their routes filled with passengers, the majority of them students.

Now that classes have begun, the vendors also have begun to sell their products by the school doors. They sell a variety of toys and also of food. You can imagine that they sell it on disposable dishes, which filled with ceviche, only cost a single sol.

Just as the new year has begun so do the new dreams of these students for their futures.

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