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Native Mushrooms, the Union of Lightning with the Pachamama

Andean callampas are a kind of edible mushrooms that grow in the humidity and in the shadows of the bushes. In the rainy season they appear abundantly and are characterized by their large size.

It is said that when it is rainy season and lightning begins to strike the earth it calls up callampas of unimaginable size like cheese molds scattered in the pampas of the Andes of Peru. It could be said that thanks to the union of the Lughtning (male) and the Pachamama (female ) callampas are born as a gift from the gods.

From ancient times in the Andes, everything that the earth provides is used to the maximum. In the high Andean regions where there are scarce products and where the breeding of camelids and grazing animals such as llamas, alpacas and sheep is paramount these callampas are collected for consumption.
The harvesting of callampas is fundamental for these people. They make them dry when there is sun and then store them. Many of them taken to the city’s markets to sell them and thus they can have an additional income.

Callampas en lares( By: Brayan Coraza Morveli)
Callampas en lares( By: Brayan Coraza Morveli)

They use these mushrooms to prepare delicious innovative dishes. In the same way traditional dishes are being prepared in the Andes of Peru.

You can prepare a delicious main dish by sautéing callampos instead of meat. One of the traditional dishes is the mushroom Capchi or in this case of callampas. Also in different towns they hold fiestas with the theme of the callampas. Here competitions of different nature are carried out, such as the gathering of the largest callampas and traditional local gastronomy.

We live by taking advantage of all the benefits that the land offers and enjoying this delicious product.

Wild Zetas in Cusco (Walter Coraza)
Wild Zetas in Cusco (Walter Coraza)

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Soy completamente cusqueño. Mi profesión es analista de sistemas. Me encanta escuchar y tocar la música andina tanto como bailar break. Me gusta también compartir mi experiencias como cusqueño con gente de otros lados. Una de mis metas es llegar a conocer mi cultura más profundamente y compartirla ampliamente con gente de otras generaciones tanto como con hermanos y hermanas de otros lados de nuestra planeta.

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