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Music, Dance, Passion, and Chiriuchu Draw Crowds to San Gerónimo

One of the main feasts of the city of Cuzco takes place in San Jeronimo, a district of the city. Though the feast officially begins on the 28th of September and continues throughout the following week, in reality it begins much earlier with all the celebrations that are a lead up to the procession and parade of the main day.

The celebration is accompanied by dances and the typical dishes of food, such as chiriuchu. Indeed the chiriuchu is much loved and is probably the most eaten food in the feast. They say that the best chiriuchu comes from San Jeronimo.

The women selling chiriuchu dress for the occasion in colorful and splendid traditional dress.

San Geronimo Church (Photo: Wayra)
San Jeronimo Church (Photo: Wayra)

Thanks to this spectacular feast which is carried out every year, the people of Cuzco learn to come together in harmony. People come from all the districts of the city and from other cities for this event.

It is a time when delight in drinking much beer throughout the week, until the eighth day, when the feast officially ends.

A crowd of people gathers on the main day of the Holy Patron Saint Jerome (San Jeronimo) to celebrate massively and enjoy this great festivity as it should be experienced. The feast continues through tomorrow, Sunday, its eighth day. On that day bands, dance troupes, and vendors of food will gather in great number to create a living culture.

As always gastronomy is one of the most important draws of our festivals. It is one of the main reason for which the people of Cuzco love our festivities. San Jeronimo insures that you can enjoy the best chiriuchu there. This, in turn, is one of the flagship foods of Cuzco as a whole.

During the festivity a fair (market) opens where the madres (vendors) of the place put up their stands and sell this delicious plate. The try to draw clients with their individual style and cooking. This and other reasons enclose us in the magic of the feast.

Celebrating the San Geronimo Feast (Photo: Rosario Soto)
Celebrating the San Jeronimo Feast (Photo: Rosario Soto)

Many dance troupes (comparsas), one after the other, with their costumes and music go through the streets as part of the procession of St. Jerome. They accompany him with the movements of their bodies and their calls.

In this great feast there can never be hunger nor thirst. Huge pots are shown. The delegations that come with the dancers prepare large amounts of food for their groups of dancers and musicians. There are also stands for anticuchos (skewers), beer, and other things for guests and other persons who visit the feast so that all are comfortable and satisfied.

From chicharron, to lechón, and chiriuchu–as well as many other foods– the people have a large selection of offerings. They enjoy the food, the music, and the movement in all their variety.

Bands of musicians, the caperos, that include drummers, cymbals, and trumpets fill the streets with melody and rhythm. They are well dressed and their choreography thrills those attending the feast.

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