Cusco’s Three Monkey were invited to Momento Mater at Inka Terra

By Neto Solorzano Vizarreta

My Dear David, if I had to describe you in two words how the event was and how we experienced it would be simple …. Happiness … Momento Mater seeks native ingredients at their source and shares data about them from different backgrounds and from different disciplines. In addition, Momento Mater believes in recognizing the value of producers to promote biodiversity in Perú.

We Three Monkeys spent these three days experiencing very special moments with personages related to the themes of flavors, smells and colors, in short, gastronomy. It was a space that was lived with the goal of learning from the interaction of multiple disciplines and how they relate to food.

Three Monkeys Team and Virgilio Martines
Three Monkeys Team and Virgilio Martines

Among them were well-known characters in gastronomy, such as Gastón and Virgilio and, of course, the 3 Monkeys. (Hahaha …) There was also the best bartender in the world, among others that were very important. We had spaces to make known our origins, work, discipline and above all to demonstrate our passion. Something that draws my attention is that all the people who were there are very passionate with a lot of history and courage.

The truth is that we were very astonished to have met Virgilio’s team and above all to know a little of them. He showed us how he has positioned himself among the top 50 restaurants in the world. I would say that behind him there is a very professional team. I would call them gastronomy scientists. This team is taking Peruvian gastronomy to a fairly high level and they have already done so.

They showed us that winning is not the only thing, we must also have constancy. We also learned the importance of working in teams and having passion, dedication, discipline and professionalism. All are important parts, but within that there are three important things: innovation, research and creativity. They are such simple words that if you put them into practice in any activity you can have a unique experience.

Virgilio Maritnez
Virgilio Maritnez

Harryson Neyra and Mater Initiative gave us the opportunity to be able to participate, teach a little bit about Peruvian coffee, and to show our work and passion about specialty coffees. We presented coffees from the central and southern north of the country. There was a space to do a coffee tasting session that was held the second

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