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Mixtura on Saturdays in Cuzco

Every Saturday Cuzco opens fairs and markets in various places of the city. There, people can buy all kinds of products and things to take home. You will find a wide variety of stuff, from plants to articles for the kitchen.

The Tupac Amaru Fair is perhaps the most well known in Cuzco. It takes its name from its location on the Plaza of Tupac Amaru in the Wanchaq District. Every Saturday this fair fills with people who seek something they need for their home.

The vendors stay their till five in the afternoon and since they have been there all day they need to eat something and please their palate. Not far from the plaza you can find a fair of food for sale. It is a Mixtura of food where you will find all kinds of typical dishes, such as baked guinea pig (cuy al horno), stuffed rocoto (rocoto relleno), anticuchos, chicharron, lechón, baked tallarines, and much more.

Anticuchos for you to Enjoy in Wanchaq
Anticuchos for you to Enjoy in Wanchaq

This is a good place for you to try these dishes. It is also a place where whole families can go to enjoy a typical meal of dishes such as cuy without having to leave the city. The prices are quite reasonable though they vary according to the dish you get. The food stands are well organized and each of them has chairs and tables for the public where you can comfortably eat your meal.

They open their doors to the public at 8:30 in the morning and close around five pm after a day of hard work. There are people who come regularly come to take their meals here and have their regular stands and vendors (caseras). Some stands offer two or three dishes so that every day there is a variety and therefor have more options to choose.

In this way the Saturday Fairs are not only days for walking around and looking for things to buy. There is also food to enjoy before or after your purchases.

Delicious Food on Saturdays in Wanchaq
Delicious Food on Saturdays in Wanchaq



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