Masato: The Sacred Drink of the Amazon Jungle

In the whole world since ancient times human beings have been recognized for having a culture of beverages within them the good taste for wines, hot water and other drinks as is the case of Masato considered as the sacred drink of the jungle amazonian, we can say that this drink is very little known and little understood, therefore, it is not exploited in its full potential.

The Yuca that is a tuber that is found in great quantity in the Amazon rainforest and was domesticated by its inhabitants, is a food of great nutritional value; the yucca can be eaten parboiled, roasted, fried etc. and usually always accompany the main dishes, cassava can be prepared farina, cookies, cakes and other sweets because it has a fine cotton, in the same way it is an ancestral tradition to prepare for the typical festivities the masato which is a foamy and fermented drink based on cassava. In order to prepare it, the women boil the cassava, leave part of the cassava that is very boiled as a dough in a pitcher, the rest chew it and then spit it in the pitcher that is already with cassava dough and so little by little the drink is taking shape, the enzymes of saliva help the fermentation of the drink, this drink was not originally added sugar, today some communities if you add.

Since the foreign world comes into contact with the ancestral world of the Amazon, they have always had a reserve to drink this drink, always showing disgust when they see the way they prepare it, but apart from all this disgust the masato is a drink very healthy that provide a quantity of vitamins to the body and also that it is a drink that unites the population.


The masato or considered today as cassava beer has a high power of intoxication, but also provides a lot of energy, especially for agricultural work, because this drink makes you not hungry and the euphoria of drunkenness allows one to work constantly and with energy, very similar happens in the Andean world, for whom the girl’s sacred drink offers them a lot of energy at the time of doing their agricultural work and today is still considered a sacred drink and of great nutritional value.

At present the drink of the masato is seen only as a drink for the drunkenness of primitive people or a drink which is subject to mockery and contempt, however, it would be good to claim the mystical value of this ancestral drink and continue its preparation of the form as it was originally, because nowadays, because of the mockery of the people, the way of preparing it has been changed, they no longer chew the yucca to be able to make it ferment, if not on the contrary they add sugar or use the sweet potato to ferment it.


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