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Maca Makes Us Healthy at Breakfast and as a Remedy

Maca has become famous in Peru and outside for its nutritional value. It is a yellow tuber that grows around 3800 meters above sea level and is native to the Andes. Shaped like a beet or a radish, the maca tuber comes from a plant that can be 30cm tall. Because of its nutritional value it has become well recognized nationally and internationally.

In Cuzco we think of it for breakfast. Rare is the person who has not had it with milk from a cart in the street.

These carts that sell both maca and quinoa set up very early in various location throughout the city. They o not serve just a couple or three clients, but hundreds of them who have the custom of having maca or quinoa with milk in the morning to start their day right.

You can buy maca in different forms, such as that already prepared in products or in its natural form. We can mention the famous 7 flours. This is a mixture of various ground products and among them maca must always be found.

You can find small mounds of maca in the market or you can buy it already made into flour sold by the kilo. Many people buy maca in order to make their school aged children lunch because of the promised nutritional benefits of the tuber.

This plant comes down to us from Inca times. It is used not only for nourishment but also as a medicinal plant, a remedy for many illnesses such as infertility. It can also help in other ways, such as by reducing tiredness. It gives you energy, reduces cholesterol and combats infertility in men and women. It is filled with benefits.

With this plant at hand we can take advantage of its benefits in order to maintain a healthy body free of illnesses. Maca is but one of many amazing plants that we have by tradition that come from our Mother Earth to keep us healthy and remedy our ills.

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