Love Inscribed in a Seaside Park

“Invent yourself at the end of each story,
because love is eternal while it lasts.”

(Ismael Serrano – The Strange Couple)

Cisneros Park on the seafront of Miraflores in Lima is almost always shrouded in the salty mist of the ocean tinted with the colors of the park’s flowers.  Thousands of “human birds” fly over it every day, especially in the magical moments of late afternoon, when the sun shows its last rays as it sinks into the great waters of the Pacific.

Love is like light (Photo: Gaby)
Love is like light (Photo: Gaby)

There, in that same moment, the ideas of love arise giving honor to the park and its name.  Romance is reflected in its sculptures and in the tonalities of dusk.  At that moment, The Kiss sculpted by the Peruvian artist Víctor Delfin, is blurred in a range of terracotta.  It is the perfect frame for inspiring the lovers who stroll through the labyrinths where words and phrases surge forth from the colored tiles of undulating geometry.

The Parque de Amor, the Park of Love, speaks for itself.  It tells us through the words of Jorge Díaz Herrera: “I strip you as one peels a fruit” or as Alberto Vega confesses, “My dream is a lost island.”

Alberto Tamayo shouts to the four winds “She is above the infinite sea”.  Abelñrdo Sánchez León shares a great truth because “In love we get to know great anguish.”

Many other aphorisms bring together the fusion of poetry, sculpture, and colors in search of that great, universal feeling that reason cannot explain and for which there is no real definition.

Sun in the Park of Love (Photo: Gabriela Figueira)
Sun in the Park of Love (Photo: Gabriela Figueira)


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