A little report on the day of comadres

The day of the comadres in the Cusco is celebrated with a great feast in homage to all the working and charismatic comadres of our city. Bands perform music play in the squares and markets or where comadres. This party extends throughout the whole city and lasts all day.

In traditional markets, the compadres make dolls of cloth that dress him with clothes of the most beloved and appreciated comadres. On top of it they put a sign with the affectionate words that he expresses frequently.

These dolls attract attention and cause smiles in locals and tourists who walk the Marques Street between the main Plaza and the San Pedro Market.

In the distance I saw a crowd of people at the door of the School of Fine Arts. All the curious people surrounded a doll dressed as a vain and up-to-date comadre. She had a cell phone and was taking a photo with Machupicchu in the background. By her side was her kitchen with its pots. And above her were some posters announcing the day of the comadres.

Today also in some homes in Cusco the children, grandchildren, and compadres prepare lunches in honor of the comadres. They all will celebrate by dancing, singing, and eating from the plate of the person who is enjoying the feast the most.

One day each year, in month of February, we celebrate the day of the comadres and, the week prior, compadres in Cusco.

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This joyful and festive tradition may be lost in time, yet it still feels alive in many parts of the city where compadres entertain all comadres with joy and good spirit. A little report on the day of comadres


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