Linderaje: Feast and communal ritual in the sacred valley of the Incas

Every year in the mountains of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the boundary is celebrated, a tradition where an authentic party is held in the community in celebration of the boundaries and territories in Chinchero-Urubamba.

Every year between the months of February, the Yanacona community makes a pilgrimage in the middle of the majestic mountains of the Andes and its beautiful crop fields where, accompanied by music bands, they celebrate this Andean carnival – boundary.

From the esplanade of the archaeological complex of Chinchero, the varayoc (communal authorities) together with the community members and a retinue of young dancers dressed in typical women’s costumes begin the journey towards the boundaries.

In the ushnu, which is the ceremonial platform where the most important agricultural rites for the people were performed, it is where the first ceremony is performed before leaving for the mountains. With Coca chicha leaves and offerings, they perform the Andean agricultural ritual in harmony with nature: Pachamama (mother earth), the apus (tutelary mountains) and tayta inti (father sun).

The community members make a whole day tour walking along the mountain paths between crop fields and a majestic view of the snow-capped mountains from where the Vilcabamba mountain range accompanies us along the way, they make offerings and rituals where they pass, connecting with the nature, to the beat of music dancing with the wind.

After the celebration of compadres and before the carnival begins in Cusco, a Friday is when this fascinating Andean celebration begins in the sacred valley of the Incas.

  • Waylacas, jóvenes vestidos de mujeres celebran el día del linderaje andino (walter coraza)

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