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Learn how to make a Puchero, Cusco’s traditional carnival dish

In the region of Cusco the puchero is a traditional dish that is eaten in family in the month of February during Cuzco’s carnival. It is served in the celebration of the yunza. Its great flavor makes this a special delight and a favorite in the gastronomy of the imperial city.

Puchero Cusqueño (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Puchero Cusqueño (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

This is a dish that brings together families and unifies them. From the food is born our carnival, the joy and the harmony of being in family.

Puchero is also a dish that is prepared at the level of the whole region of Peru, and part of South America, in each place the products vary as does the way of preparation and the flavors.

For this opportunity I decided to learn how to prepare the traditional Puchero style Cusco, thanks to my Mamá, an excellent cook who agreed to help me and teach us how to make this delicious dish.

First of all we went to the Wanchaq market, a clean, healthy and organic place, where we found the fresh vegetables that are the most important ingredient.

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For 10 people


1kg of beef
1kg of lamb meat
½ kilo of chalona or cecina
3 garlic cloves
A celery stalk
6 choclos (ears of fresh corn)
4 Carrots
½ Morayas (white, freeze dried potatoes)
1 cabbage
½ kilo Rice
6 small potatoes
1 kilo of yucca
1 bunde of asnapa (Cusco’s traditional herbs)
Salt and pepper to taste


First we boil 5 liters of water

Once boiling, we put 3 cloves of garlic and celery, the pieces of lamb, beef and the chalona.

We also add the herbs and flavoring that will give the special touch to the broth.

We waited until for the meat to cook before adding the vegetables (potato, yucca, carrot) When the dish was just ten minutes from being done, we added the sweet potato and the moraya. We waited a few more minutes until it was ready.

In a separate pan we boiled the rice with the chickpeas. And then we mixed the grains into the broth.

On the other hand, we prepare the spicy sauce that can never be missing on the tables of Cusco. It is a super special sauce that accompanies this dish.

Separate the broth from the vegetables and meats. We serve the stew in a large dish and the broth in another.

Bon Appetite!.

Puchero Cusqueño (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Puchero Cusqueño (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Leave your comments as they come out, I hope this recipe will be of great help and above all you can enjoy it with family during these carnivals.

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