Kushka…Fe, Comfort and Charm Centrally Located

Cusco has many great places. A favored one is the corner of Espaderos and the Plaza Regocijo that used to be occupied by Kushka…Fe and before that by Varayoc. For decades now, people have enjoyed the beauty and comfort of the place, under one name or another, yet now it stands empty with a cardboard sign on its door.

Its latest resident has gone and found another wonderful place and that place is worth noting for people who look for comfortable cafes in which to sit, enjoy coffee, converse, and eat. It is worth it, then, to keep track of where Kushka…Fe has gone.

Not far. You can now find it in an expanded site. Just walk under the arches, along the side of Regocijo and away from the Municipal building till you reach the Calle del Medio that, if you were to turn right, would take you to the Plaza de Armas. Look to your left at the building on the corner. You are looking at the new Kushka…Fe. It is on Espinar Street, corner of Regocijo Park.

Delightful Light and Breakfast
Delightful Light and Breakfast

The cafe has upgraded itself. Not only is the space larger, if still charming, it is now a restaurant.

Its street front is an open door and a welcoming sign announcing dishes and specials. This alone is not very attractive, but go in and up the stairs. There you will find the reason for following this business.

The joy of Kushka…Fe, besides solid food, is its dining room upstairs. It is a charming and well decorated space.  Besides ample cushioned benches it displays with abstract art based on Nazca and other Andean themes, two wine racks, a good use of color and wonderful light coming in from its street-side windows.

It is worth going to Kushka…Fe to eat, as I often do for breakfast or later for a light meal.  However, the main draw of the place, in my opinion, is that it is a wonderful place to sit, relax, and be while looking at your guide book, writing emails, calling on Skype, or some other activity that requires comfort.

Kushka…Fe,  a great place to escape the bustle of tourist life in Cuzco.

An Omelette at Kushka...Fe
An Omelette at Kushka…Fe

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