Cuzco’s Month-long Celebration and List of Gastronomic Festivals

Yesterday, Cuzco swept into a month of festivities which will culminate in the Day of Cuzco and Inti Raymi. This month is the pinnacle of Cuzco’s annual calendar and the main institutions of the city will play a role. Almost every resident of the city will be involved. It is an exciting and intense time whose point is the celebration of Cuzco itself, in all its richness.

Many events are planned, making for a very full calendar (which is maintained by EMUFEC).Among the many activities are gastronomic festivals held in many of the plazas of Cuzco and suburban municipalities.

Here one can try the various typical dishes as well as common dishes of the Region of Cuzco prepared by market vendors, restauranteurs, and enthusiasts who have met the requirements imposed by the various organizing agencies. Each has a subtly different skill and resulting flavor.

The Municipal government of Cuzco, as well as that of suburban cities, and other institutions have organized these events, setting up infrastructure, hygiene, and processes of application and control over these events.

Festival of Chiriuchu
Festival of Chiriuchu

In what follows we provide a calendar of the Gastronomic Festivals of the month of June taken from the large and involved master calendar of the Empresa Municipal de Festejos of Cuzco (the Municipal Office of Festivities of Cuzco).

June 6 and 7

Festival of the Typical Dish of Cuzco, the “Chiriuchu,” Gastronomic Specialty Representative of the Fiestas of Cuzco.
Organized by: EMUFEC
Place: Plaza San Francisco

June 6,7, and 14

Fair of Seasonal Fruit
Organized by: the Municiaplity of Cuzco – Office of Economic Development and Municipal Services
Place: Plaza San Pedro.

June 8

V Artistic Gastronomic Festival Khipu 2012
Organized by: Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico Privado Khipu Lugar : Place: Plazoleta San Blas.

June 9

Festival of Dance and Gastronomy “Kusiqa Wayna Wasinpi”
Organized by: Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico Tuinen Star.
Place: Plazoleta San  Pedro

June 15

Tasting of Typical Dishes of Cuzco
Organized by: Instituto Superior de Educación Público “Santa Rosa”
Place : ISEP Santa Rosa (Calle San Andrés 414)

June 16

Gastronomic Competition

Organized by: Red Asistencial Cusco de Essalud
Place: Plaza Túpac Amaru (Wanchaq)
Participants: Centros del Adulto Mayor de Cusco, Santiago, Calca, Urubamba, Quillabamba, Urcos, Sicuani y Espinar.

June 17

IX Pagent of the Journey of the Ayar Brothers and Sisters for the Founding of Cuzco and Tawantinsuyo – Presentation of Dances and Gastronomic Festival
Organized by: Municipalidad Distrital de Paccarectambo (Provincia de Paruro)
Place : Complejo Arqueológico de Mauk’allaqta – Paruro.

Festival of Kiwicha (Presentation de dances, competition in typical dishes based on the golden grain kiwicha)
Organized by: Municipalidad Distrital de San Salvador y Productores.
Place : Campo ferial de San Salvador.

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