IPhone 7: Magic in Your Hands

From the launch of the IPhone 7 on September 16th of this year, some media announced that the new Apple Smartphone would not include major changes, that the only major difference would be wireless earphones. It is true that if we look at its external design we see that it has not changed from earlier generations. The phones seem almost identical and share the same screen size, however it is only in this that they seem the same. In almost everything else they are very different.

Apple renewed this new model along all fronts, including its function, resistance, battery life, screen luminosity, quality of sound, storage capacity, and photographic qualities.

The Iphone 7 holds a new chip, the A10 Fusion which is a four core processor. It duplicates the ability of th Iphone 6 and gives three times the graphic ability. It is also the first Iphone that is resistent to water and dust.

Thanks to how the A10 Fusion chip works as a processor, the phone offers two more hours of battery life. According to Apple, the A10 has two high capacity cores and two of high energy efficienty.

The retina screen of the Iphone 7 is 25 % brighter and offers a wider range of colors at the same time it duplicates the maximum storage that the phone is capable of. It is now 256 GB. It is the first Iphone with stereo speakers. These give it a higher sound quality.

In terms of photography, there are various new principles. This phone offers optical image stabilization and a larger aperture., F/1.8 that permits 50 % more light to reach the sensor. You can now capture better photos and videos in 4k with good quality even in low light conditions.

Iphone 7
Iphone 7

Finally, there is the characteristic that is most spoken of. Apple eliminated the 3.5 mm port for earphones.

The company offers new wireless earphones called “AirPods” which allow their user to avoid the troublesome task of constantly having to unwind you earphone cables. Unfortunately, you must by the airpods separately. On the outside they look very much like Apple’s current earphones although inside the have sensors and an accelerator that lets them detect when a person has them in or takes them out of their ears in order to activate or pause automatically.

By means of a campaign called TBWA Media Arts Lab, Apple introduced it new offering, the Iphone7. It is comprised of a series of films in which the mentioned features of the camera stand out. Especially their ability to capture images in low light and its water resistance.

Different colours
Different colours

For more information on the campaign you can visit the following links.

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