Historical Hymn to Cusco Begins to Be Sung in Quechua

Cusco, ancient capital of the Inca empire and today the cultural heritage of humanity, is one of the most incredible cities in Latin America with an infinity of stories and experiences. The city of Cusco has many contrasts between Andean culture and the modern world. For this reason, with the passage of time, the native language of Quechua has been replaced by Spanish generating a loss of identity and culture in today’s youth.

In response to this social problem, the municipality of Cusco decided to approve municipal ordinance No. 007-MPC-2019. This norm declares the singing of the hymn to Cusco in the native language of the Inca empire (Quechua) as a matter of public and private interest in the province of Cusco.

According to the information collected by the Ministry of Culture, the first schools to comply with the norm were Sciences and Luis Vallejos Santoni.

The purpose of this ordinance is to strengthen cultural identity by helping the population and future generations to reassess our identity as Cusqueños and also to better care for our cultural heritage.

The regulation also includes other measures to solve this problem such as promoting ways to disseminate the history of Cusco in Quechua, attention in public to Quechua in the municipalities, distribution of music and the lyrics of the anthem in Quechua, signs in Quechua, etc.

The anthem to Cusco was composed in 1994 by Luis Nieto and Roberto Ojeda and was recognized later in 1970 by the district municipality of Cusco

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