Her Taxi Perú: Taxi Agency Just for Women

Less than a month ago a news report became viral in all social networks. It is a business project of some students of the University of Piura. It is an interesting proposal to respond bd to one of the problems that most affects women in Peru.

It is a taxi company where women are the drivers and the customers are also women. Taxi service only for women. “Among women we feel more secure”. This company will promote jobs for women with strict safety parameters. Drivers must have all their documents in order, vehicle papers, psychological tests and personal interviews.

This proposal will not only be in the city of Piura, but it is also planned to reach Chiclayo and Trujillo.

It is thought that at the beginning of February the project will start. It will work using cell phone technology, either by phone calls or by WhatsApp messaging.

It is for this reason that registrations and requests are now open to participate in this project

In addition, from the outset the population is happy to have this type of initiative to combat violence against women in Peru.

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Brayan Coraza Morveli

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