Happiness Takes over the City these Days.

We are enjoying beautiful weather. Some days when the rain falls in the city and it´s mountains, we breath fresh air and we see amazing landscapes thanks to the rain. Sometimes when the rain and the sun meet a wonderful rainbow will appear. The people stay where they are, watching carefully the rainbow’s beautiful colors.

Animals, especially birds play in all the city’s gardens. They sit on the flowers looking for something to eat. They fly around the gardens and you can see in different positions. You can see their amazing colors and their beautiful eyes clearly.

Magical Rainbows Above Cusco's Main Plaza (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Magical Rainbows Above Cusco’s Main Plaza (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Every morning the flowers wake up with their different colors that illuminate the gardens of Cusco´s city. In some you see the different forms and colors of the flowers every day. There are some flowers that you can only see in the morning because in the afternoon they sleep.

Also, dogs stay in their houses, taking a rest. They watch all the movements of their people and they use their loud barking when see somebody unknown.

In these days people are building many houses in different neighborhoods of the city. The workers do their work with great joy. They work hard work for nine hours every day.

Everyone in the city is very happy enjoying theses wonderful days. The weather creates this big happiness in the people and this is reflected in their smiles.

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