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Gordon Ramsay: Extreme flavors

The gastronomy of Peru is one of the most varied in the world thanks to its diversity of climates and ecological regions. Each department of this country has a great variety of typical dishes made with different natural foods grown in each region.

In addition, this cuisine has become famous thanks to many national representatives who each day create new techniques and variations of dishes that delight the palates of many diners. From the markets, the rural cafes, the tourist restaurants, etc., You can enjoy different flavors despite eating the same dishes. This is because in Peru there are no specific rules on how to cook. Each chef does it in his own way and does not specifically follow a recipe.

Using the diversity of flavors that exist in Peru, the controversial chef Gordon Ramsay premieres the “Gordon Ramsay: Extreme Flavors” program that will be broadcast on National Geographic. With the help of Peruvian chef Virgilio Martínez, Gordon recorded the first episode in the city of Cusco following the entire route of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

This program aims to promote Peruvian cuisine throughout the world through the National Geographic channel. Extreme Flavors has become one of the most highly rated programs on the National Geographic channel thanks to the charisma of Gordon Ramsay and the extreme places where he prepares typical dishes or the collection of foods.

Among all these places, they had to hang off a cliff to be able to extract cactus worms. Gordon aims to discover the traditional cuisine of the high plateau of Peru by immersing himself in the live culture, fishing in the lakes of the plateau, and tasting the delights of each locality, such as fried worms, multicolored potatoes, multi-tasting herbs, etc.

Peru is rich in every aspect. For this reason we must value and care for this heritage by teaching new generations the importance it has for our country.

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