Frutalix’ Juice, Specials, and Wi-Fi Enliven the Sun Avenue

A new juice bar, Frutalix Juguería, has opened on the Sun Avenue in Cuzco. On this street, where the movement of tourists is strongest, there is a growing draw for tourists and Cuzqueños.  On one of the main veins of Cuzco’s heart this juice bar hopes to enchant guests with its cocktails and exotic juices.

This  juice bar used to be on Ayacucho street, but now has opened on the Av el Sol, the Sun Avenue, number 206, across from the imposing Palace of Justice and one block from the PLaza de Armas.  With the changes that always take place during the tourist off-season, many places take the time to close, update, and even move, all in order to draw more clients and make themselves more known.

Juice bars are increasingly popular in Cuzco. They are places where you can sit and have a variety of beverages and often sandwiches although the  places focus on fresh made fruit juices. In these places, you can also enjoy services such as Wi-Fi, big-screen TV, and take-out. They draw clients and can make a place one of the preferred spots for people to go and hang out. Both tourists and locals enjoy Frutalix from 7:30 in the morning until 10 at night. In the mornings Frutalix offers Continental and American breakfasts.

Inside Frutalix
Inside Frutalix

The combos of drinks with food draw attention to Frutalix. As specials they change every  week. The shop’s colorful board indicates we can enjoy a delicious combo of a Pan con chicharrón, a pork sandwich made with crispy pork called chicharrón, accompanied by  a good cup of coffee whose aroma and good flavor tantalize us.

Inside, its decoration is colorful and attractive. The walls are decorated with brightly colored pictures of juices, deserts, sandwiches, and servings of icecream. Just seeing these pictures makes us want to try Frutalix’ offerings.

Frutalix does not only hope to captivate diners with their juices and sandwiches, they also have a special list of famous cocktails along with their own innovation. These include the Pisco Sour, Maracuya Sour, and they add a Chichamorada Sour,

Cuzco needs places like this to open their doors. They are places where you can enjoy up-to-date services such as Wi-Fi something necessary in a connected, virtual world. Frutalix is recommended for youth and visitors to come and have a good time.


Pok Sandwich ( Pan con Chicharrón)
Pok Sandwich ( Pan con Chicharrón)


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