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Frost Falls and Frosted Potatoes with Cheese Appear

As we come to the first days of May, we enter into the season of frost in our city. The months of May and June are the only months in which the Cusqueños live with increasing cold. The early mornings and late nights are the two times when the cold is strongest.

This time of the year is when the people of Cuzco enjoy the delicious papa helada con queso (frosted potato with cheese). During the two months, the frost is said to fall and its action on potatoes gives us this food that every year makes its appearance in our city. It is sold on many street corners as well as in Cuzco’s markets.

This delightful food is produced in the highest parts of Cuzco where the frost falls with great vigor because of the altitude.

How do you make papa helada con queso? This is a question many people have along with what can you do with the frosted potatoes to come up with them mixed with cheese. This can all sound very difficult for those people who do not have a recipe.

In Cuzco, these potatoes are most used to make grilled meat with gravy (churrasco al jugo) and to accompany fish. These dishes are already available from the first days of the season of frost.

Frozen Potatos for Sale in the Market
Frozen Potatos for Sale in the Market

Churrasco is a dish that people eat because of its good flavor and because of its delicious gravy (jugo). It is served with a side of white rice but when he season turns to frost they make a change and place frosted potatoes with cheese to the side of the meat to make a marvelous combination.

Besides the beef, we also enjoy one of Cuzco’s favorite dishes, fried fish accompanied with frosted potatoes and cheese.

It is only when the frost descends from the highest points to transform our days, and of course our potatoes, that we can enjoy this excellent food that is part of our culinary tradition.

Potato Frozen with cheese season in Cuzco
Frosted Potatoes with Cheese Season in Cuzco

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