For Just One Idea: To Live is to Share

The best things in life are not things. Many may think that buying a house of a car is where it all is. But material things do not feel your spirit. The joy of life is in the idea of sharing. It is in the experiences that give you moments filled with feeling. To live the impossible is to live for what really will make you happy.

In my opinion, living well is doing the things that you love, feeling happy with what you have and not waiting to be happy. To travel is one of the best things and the only price is your ticket. It is wonderful to visit a different place, breathe new air, feel different climates, and meet new people.

Nevertheless many of us let ourselves be carried by other concerns. We forget to look down the road. We suffocate our dreams for other, material things and we do not even know why we do that. It is never too late to begin to do the things that we really want with our heart. We can like our life and not just do what it gives us. We can fill our life with unique experiences that make us feel fully alive.



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