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Festival of Chiriuchu

Chiriuchu is one of the emblematic dishes of the city of Cusco. It is very popular and much consumed in the city’s feasts, especially during Cusco’s great festivity of Corpus Christi.

Festival of Chiriuchu in La Plaza San Francisco (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Festival of Chiriuchu in La Plaza San Francisco (Walter Coraza Morveli)

In the entrance of Corpus Chriti a gastronomic festival of the dish is organized. Thousands of persons come, cinlduing tourists and locals, with the same desire, to enjoy the delicious chiriuchu. This great festival is carried out on the San Francisco plaza during the entrance and during the feasts main day, two days in which everyone can enjoy this delicious dish. Then for more fun it will open again during the eighth day celebration of the feast when people come to say goodbye to the saints.

Besides in this festival, the dish is consumed in different parts of the region. It is made at home for the days families come together, such as weekends and on important occasions, as might be the case when the family celebrates a cargo or a birthday.

This year an entire ocean of people came to the festival. They flooded the streets. The Plaza de San Francisco was completely filled with people for the only reason that they wanted to enjoy a chiriuchu along with their families.

This food festival is a tradition that is carried out every year and is an important part of our traditions. All people gather without any exclusions. The dish shows us that it brings together ingredients from all over Peru.

Here is a video of this greatest gastronomic festival of our region.

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