Inti Raymi Opened with a Grand Spectacle

This evening Cusco lived a night of color and essence on the stage of the gardens by one of the most important temples from the Inca Empire, the Qori Cancha. Today was the official opening of Inti Raymi.

Monday and Tuesday they prepared all the details, the illumination, sound, and the stage for a great presentation that was experienced tonight under a sky illuminated with stars and play of lights.

The show began at 7 pm. All those gathered were part of this great event. They showed their satisfaction with applause and with order on and off the stage. The bleachers filled with life, tourists from everywhere mixed to experience the colorful opening show with instrumental Andean music, dances, and songs in Quechua. It raised emotions in those present. The performances were skillful on this starry night with a light chill in the air. The ambulatory vendors were there as well, sell to the public candies, popcorn, hamburgers, hot drinks, ponche de habas, coffee, and more.

Fireworks, Qoricancha (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Fireworks, Qoricancha (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The event was organized and carried out by the Municipal Enterprise of Feasts and Celebrations, EMUFEC. After the Hymn of Cusco was sung, Andean dances were presented: Wallatas, Saraschallay, and Siclla. The sponsors of this event and other fiestas in Cusco are the Cerveza Cusqueña, Olturs, the Caja Municipal Cusco, LAN Peru, Peru Rail, and Real Plaza Mall.

On one corner of the gardens of the Inca Temple was located an enormous screen. On it the multitude present who could not see the stage could still follow the show.

On the sacred walls of the Qoricancha you could see the actors representing the Great Inca Empire, lights with different figures illuminated the site giving it color. Andean music with sounds from natural instruments sounded enchanting like birds, wind and drums. It raised emotions.

After each number by the Inca and his people the crowd applauded. The performers were well costumed like warriors, priests, and ñustas, princesses.

The performance lasted for an hour and a half, with lights, Andean sounds and Andean expressions. The festival season is now here.

Qoricancha, Inti Raymi 2016 (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Qoricancha, Inti Raymi 2016 (Walter Coraza Morveli)

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