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February Loco, the Month of Celebrations

February is filled with celebrations and many activities. It is known as the month of carnival and features music, dance, games, identity, and the joy that this month of craziness represents.

This year, 2015, February brings us lots of emotion and joy for Cuzco’s society and for the tourists who visit us. Already we can appreciate carnival. People are already celebrating.

It began yesterday with the feast commemorating all compadres. In many neighborhoods it was celebrated with tradition. Many put up yunzas, the ritual tree filled with gifts of the season. They played with water and paint. People enjoyed the special food of carnival, especially the puchero, as well as dance and music. Yesterday was a great celebration in the whole province of Cuzco.

Upcoming we have more celebrations. Next Thursday, the 12th, is the feast of Comadres. It is another great celebration with all kinds of allegories. After these two feasts we will enjoy the day of love, St. Valentines Day, the 14th. It is also called the day of friendship.

Musicians Celebrating Carnaval in Cuzco
Musicians Celebrating Carnaval in Cuzco

The next day is the main day of Carnival in Cuzco, the Sunday before Lent. Carnival is simply one of the most anxiously awaited feasts. It will be a day of tradition and living culture. As you might expect, all the activities are already scheduled and organized. As every year, each traditional neighborhood and the provinces of Cuzco will do a yunza, the putting up and chopping down of a tree with gifts. In the morning, around 10 am, in the Plaza de Armas, people will perform the traditional Khaswa Tusuy, which is a theatrical performance of our carnival.There will be allegorical cars (floats), dance, and lots of water.

On the other hand, there will be a gastronomic festival in honor of Carnival where you can enjoy the traditional dish of the season Timpu or Puchero with the amazing frutillada. You should not miss it.

Continuing with the week of Carnival we will have a lot of play with water and paint. This will all become ever more intense as we await the day in which this celebration closes. That is Sunday the 22nd. On that day as well there will be yunzas with all our traditions. But it will be the most intense day of all.

In this way we will all live and enjoy the best of our Carnival season. We will do it together, all of us, along with our visitors and guests. Tehre is nothing like February Loco.

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