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Fashion Cuy: A Gastronomic Festival

Guinea Pigs Roasting on the Fire (Brayan Coraza Morveli)

The cuy is one of the most beloved animals of our Peruvian highlands. it is a traditional part of our mountain fauna and it is believed this animal was raised and consumed since time immemorial, since it was found inside burials of Pre-Inca and Inca civilization. The Cuzco-style Cuy is the flagship dish of our city and is consumed in different presentations whether in chactado, on a stick, baked, or more.

In the month of May, the district of Poroy celebrates every year a gastronomic festival. In it you will find different competitions for the best dish based on guinea pigs, races of guinea pigs, judging of guinea pigs, etc.

This year, the the “fashion cuy” competition stood out. It consists of looking for the cuy with best clothing. In this contest participated guinea pigs with different costumes from Peru´s traditional dances, Andean attire, modern clothing, etc. This contest is very fun and attractive for the citizens, since the breeders are committed to make a unique show with their little animals.

This magnificent contest is not only celebrated in Poroy. It has become a tradition for Cusco and Peru and is celebrated in different parts of our country.

There is a gastronomic festival where the King of Fashion cuy called “Sabe a Perú” (It tastes of Peru) was chosen. This festival is celebrated in many parts of Peru and the guinea pig is the protagonist. Also, in this festival, guinea pigs share the stage with well-known Andean musical groups such as Picaflor de los Andes, Flor Pucarina, El Brujo de los Andes, etc; First, though, the guinea pigs model one by one on the stage. At the end of this presentation the jury names the winner of this runway of costumed guinea pigs, and he becomes the king, the “Fashion Cuy”.

Thanks to these contests, the raising of guinea pigs has become not only a business, but a passion. People do everything they can to give these animals a good quality of life, so they can develop better cuyes to do well in competitions held at each fair or festival.

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