Fantasy Comes to Cuzco at Tres . Cafe

Just a half block from Cuzco’s popular Plaza de Armas, on Plateros Street, stands a small, warm, and colorful place, Tres . Cafe. Creatively designed, it transports you into a world of fantasy in its decorations and its division into two floors. It is a wonderful place to have a drink, eat a pastry, and use their internet while relaxing from the rigors of a visit to Cuzco.

Many, many cafes claim a place near Cuzco central Plaza de Armas and each is designed and decorated differently, as if to have something to offer for every taste.

Among them, Tres . Cafe opened its doors recently to the public going up and down the popular Plateros Street. It offers a variety of desserts such as mocha, three milks (tres leches, suspiro limeño (Lima-style sigh–a meringue,) lemon pie, chocolate cake, among others. They also offer bottled drinks and ones that are prepared in the moment, such as juices from different fruit, hot chocolates, coffees, herbal teas and others.

Tres Cafe Menu List
Tres . Cafe Menu List

On entering, I looked around the first floor. It looked rather elegant and calm, with a bar in the back and display cases along the side where the delicious deserts were on display.

This cafe has a staff that take the charge of caring for its clients seriously. It also has television and WI-FI. It is a good place to take your tablet, laptop, or smart phone to check emails, skype with friends, do a little work, or just relax while having something to drink in a comfortable place.

Once inside, on the second floor, my co-worker and I set ourselves up to work on Cuzco Eats for a while. So we ordered a couple of beers and some desserts.

Tres Pasion Dessert
Tres Pasion Dessert

The woman who helped us recommended we try the dessert called crema volteada, whose name means stirred cream. It is a traditional Peruvian dessert of soft and creamy texture and is a cousin of the famous leche asada, and is similar to the internationally known custard called flan.

We ordered this dessert and when it arrived on our table we were drawn to its presentation. It was decorated with mint leaves and covered with brightly colored sugar candies.

It is made from different milks (evaporated and condensed,) egg, and vanilla as well as a syrup from a caramelized sugar base that liquifies as the custard cooks. We loved the flavor of the syrup. It had a tang of darkness from the caramelizing of the sugar and yet was light and rich, although this particular version still had some hard parts that had not completely dissolved in the cooking. Even so, the mint leaves grabbed our attention.

Decorates Cookies
Decorates Cookies

While sitting inside, enjoying the space and the food, we could watch people going by on the street. My colleague took a photo in which you could see how the Tres . Cafe would capture the attention of people walking by.

The paintings on the wall captured my attention. They were animés of girls, especially of the Fairy riding a pink pig with golden wings. Her large green eyes sent me into a fairy tale.

Inside Tres Cafe
Inside Tres . Cafe

The design and the color of the walls, with paintings, branches, flowers, and birds in a magical forest was indeed just as if we had entered a world of fantasy and delight. You can navigate this world from a command post on one of the colorful couches of on one of the wooden chairs, carved with figures of hearts, paired with pink tables with yellow spots, stains, and scratches, as if well used for fantasy travel.

Located, just a block or so from Cuzco’s Main Square, Tres . Cafe is a great place to sit and relax during Cuzco’s intensely sunny afternoons of August, drink a beer or, if in the evening when the sun sets and cold makes itself known, have a hot cup of coffee, chocolate, or tea along with a wonderful dessert.

Second Floor Tres . Cafe
Second Floor Tres . Cafe

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