Ever Fresh, Ever New, Pisco Sours and Cheer Today

Today, all of Peru celebrates its emblematic drink the pisco sour. The drinks makes Peruvians proud. It is good to begin February by toasting Peru and the future with this cocktail. Pisco sour for all. Cheers (salud)!

The day begins with great expectations in the city of Cuzco. All the bars, restaurants, and hotels get ready for a celebration this evening. At the same time students of bar tending and gastronomy join in the celebration. They will carry out festivals of pisco sours and cocktails in many plazas and strategic points to render homage to our flagship beverage.

Pisco sour is an important drink. Its attractive taste and mix of pisco, lime, froth, and bitters, in layers like the vertical ecological niches of our mountains, has conquered new horizons. Visitors who come to our country learn to love this cocktail and to demand it when they return home. As a result, pisco sour is spreading to ever more countries and people. It steals people’s heats and delights their palates.

Though long codified, new tendencies in pisco sours are constantly invented in our bars and schools. This includes new presentations of the cocktail. The best bars are showing off innovations in the beverage to slake the heat of Lima’s summer and warm the chill of rains in the highlands. Among others, you will now find a coca sour, maracuya sour, aguaymanto (pichuberry) sour, chicha sour, tumbo sour and camu camu sour. These are the best and rely on the powers of our fruit to bring new tastes to the sour. They join our pisco which stands for Peru like almost nothing else. Together these paint with flavor and fill with color art of the cocktail in Peru.

Let us join with Peruvians and guests to raise this beverage in a toast to the pisco sour and to Peru. Cheers.

Here is the recipe.

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