Enchanted Gold Attracts and Fools

A man tells a story of an unreachable cache of gold that is visible. You can even touch it with your hands but afterwards you sink into the ground by the gold and become part of the enchantment.

It takes many days of walking in the mountains, a total of 28 days, until you reach some waterfalls in which the ponds are meters deep. With ropes and tools you could go down in. Even further down, below the waterfalls, where the river flows you will see the gold. It is spread out as if to be gathered by hand. But if you get close a nest of poisonous serpents will strike you and you will become part of the enchantment.

Besides this, the gold also has a gas called antimony that is poisonous. It may be that the gold covers the hiding place of a treasure that some people do not want any one else to find. Nevertheless, many would give anything, even their life, to find it.

To them it would seem that life would be a fair exchange for the enchanted gold. In the eyes of all the people this gold is unreachable. Still, if you make offerings (payments) to the earth you might be able to take away a bit of the gold without losing your life.

With the passage of years, this gold continues in the same place and with the same enchantment. People continually try to take it away, not believing in the enchantment. They only have their will and ability. They will lose their life and, along the way, just make the enchantment strong and enduring.



Brayan Coraza Morveli

Soy completamente cusqueño. Mi profesión es analista de sistemas. Me encanta escuchar y tocar la música andina tanto como bailar break. Me gusta también compartir mi experiencias como cusqueño con gente de otros lados. Una de mis metas es llegar a conocer mi cultura más profundamente y compartirla ampliamente con gente de otras generaciones tanto como con hermanos y hermanas de otros lados de nuestra planeta.

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  1. Its a remarkable Story you told about this waterfall and the gold.
    People do everything for money and gold. Unfortunately they forget their luck and happiness is in their self !

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