Elections Are Taking Over The Imperial City

Municipal and regional elections will soon be here. This October 5th voting will take place in Cuzco to elect new government officials.

Both people who hope to take office and those who already have office have prepared for the elections. Each one is doing lots of advertising for their political party. You find it throughout the city of Cuzco.

All adults who have a DNI, a national identity card, will go and vote for their preferred candidate. In order to do that they listened to the proposals of each candidate in order to make their choice and go vote.

For a while before the main day comes, they will promote themselves by means of flyers and posters that will be passed out and put up in every street and every neighborhood of the city. The candidates will also obtain vehicles and cover them with the name of their party, along with its symbol or image. These will then travel throughout the city while a loud speaker on them shouts out the name of the party and its candidates.

The candidates also have political graffitis painted on walls throughout Cuzco. A group of persons who support the campaign go out to paint the graffitis on walls and on some houses. They quickly put up the images and symbol of the party so that the people who go by there are obliged to see then and know who they should elect.

Many candidates are running in these elections. All of them have invested a large sum of money to get their name out and hopefully to get elected and be able to govern the imperial city and region for three years.

When the moment comes, the city will come to a stop so nothing will interfere with people’s obligation to go vote. The city’s schools will be converted into polling places and all the adults will go to make their choice known.

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